the place where you create your own perfume

Easy as a kit. Unique as your perfume.

Choose one of our kits; you’ll have the “customized perfumery” concept at your fingertips.

For your persona

  • Basic Kit: 10 grams of fragrance, pipette, blotters, and alcohol
  • Deluxe Kit: 20 grams of fragrance, funnel, beaker, pipette, blotters, and alcohol
  • Supreme Kit: add another 20 grams of fragrance to your Deluxe kit
    For your body

    • Pure Body: buy your neutral base of Body lotion or Shower gel and add fragrance to it
    • Mono Kit: Body Lotion / Shower Gel with 10 grams of fragrance and a pipette
    • Precious Body Kit: Body Lotion and Shower Gel with 10 grams of fragrance and a pipette
      For your room - designer air freshener

      • 100 Cube: 100 ml glass cube, 10 grams of fragrance, sticks, and alcohol
      • 200 Cube: 200 ml cube and 20 grams of fragrance
      • 500 Cube: 500 ml cube and 50 grams of fragrance

      You can choose your essence and “top up” your kit at any time.
      And when you run out of fragrance?
      You can also buy just an individual essence.

      The uniqueness even reaches your laundry detergent and fabric softener:
      you can perfume your clothes with the same fragrance you use for your perfume.

      The same is true for air fresheners: perfumed hearts, scented rattan balls, and bottles of heady corn...

      Photo courtesy Betty Colombo

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