the place where you create your own perfume

What the newspapers are saying

Vanity Fair
“A new space - halfway between a doll’s house and a kid’s chemistry set -
it is a treasure where you can find an infinite number of perfumes to combine as you like”.
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il Messaggero
“The new frontier of custom perfumes is do-it-yourself perfume.
In this workshop in Milan you can create a mix of essences”.
il Messaggero

La Repubblica
“Aim: to create perfume that is concentrated, made yourself, and as customized as possible.
PrezioseSSenze is a small laboratory”.
la Repubblica

Dentro - Milano
“A non-casual encounter that’s nonetheless full of surprises,
between the essences of the ancient perfumer’s art and the preciousness of each person’s way of being”.

Vivi Milano - Corriere della sera
“Essences and rhymes for Valentine’s Day”.
Vivi milano

Thanks to our friend, the editor-in-chief Fiammetta Bonazzi.
“The idea of PrezioseSSenze - a tailor-made perfume workshop that’s the only one of its kind in Italy -
is perfectly in sync with the era we are living in: a historic moment of profound but necessary transformation,
when we feel an increasingly urgent need to regain concreteness, craftsmanship, and individual value.
It is a cultural operation that puts itself forward as the antithesis of the globalizing world of personal care
that has until now swallowed us up with highly standardized scents and that can even, of course, pas through a perfume:
a unique distillate of senses and emotions that each person can now construct for themselves,
trusting in the guidance of Pamela Aicardi, the spirit of Preziosessenze in Milan. Thanks to her taste, which matured on the sets,
and to her expertise as a costume designer for theatre, cinema, and television, as well as above all thanks to her innate aesthetic sensibility for combining notes, colors, and shades, Pamela is the right person to confidently and imaginatively navigate the palette of scents and bottles of essential oils in the boutique.All in all there are a hundred different fragrances, divided by their olfactory imprint:
fruity, herbaceous, oriental, powdery, woody, floral, and citrusy - all of which can be measured out and combined together to create your own formula, which can be used in body lotion, bath products, or room fresheners as required. There are an almost infinite number of possible combinations, and you can even experiment with more unusual ingredients, such as cashmere, heliotrope, oud, and pink pepper,or choose a single essence (such as the extraordinary Amalfi fig), which Pamela can turn into a fresh eau de toilette or a more long-lasting eau de parfum that photographs an atmosphere, enhances a memory, or anticipates the future. If you want, you can have subtle nuances of orange blossom and damask rose!”

Thanks to our friend, the journalist Betty Colombo.
“We can go to London and find Belgian chocolate, eat Parisian macarons in Italy, and find the same big fashion brands in all corners of the Earth.
Although on the one hand this change has enabled us to feel completely secure in strange countries, on the other hand is has a considerable downside: it has worn away our need to feel completely UNIQUE. If you read this magazine, you definitely like to keep up to date with fashion, but I’m sure that if you found yourself in a room with someone wearing the same outfit as you... HELP! And it would be even worse if someone said to you “You wear the same perfume as my ex”.. Uh oh. In addiction to our choise of clothes, makeup, and haircut, our perfume also says something about us, it is a means of presenting ourselves to others, and a subtle element of seduction that’s difficult to do without. It’s not for nothing that Marilyn quipped: What do I wear to bed? A few drops of Chanel n.5.
Preziosessenze opened on the 14th of December in Milan and the shop has quickly gained converts everywhere.
As always,simple ideas are the most captivating.
In practise, it is the first place where anyone can put together their own perfume themselves.
Just like that: you go in, explain your tastes and your favorite brands, and the expert staff will analyze with you the base to work with. They will get you to smell scent notes until you find the one that best fits your personality”.

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